Why Your Business Needs a Web Designer

For anyone in business, it’s essential to have a fully functional website that is optimised for conversion and designed with your audience in mind.
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For anyone in business, it’s essential to have a fully functional website that is optimised for conversion and designed with your audience in mind. And the best way to ensure that your website is attractive to users is to have a web design professional first construct a website prototype.
In this guide, you’ll discover how utilising a reputable web designer can save you significant money. I’ll also show you how a website prototype – when created by your web designer – can assist you to increase leads and bolster sales.

Don’t Rush the Web Design Process
Many businesses are so fixated on having a live website that they rush the design process and end up with below par results.

The problem with automatically launching a website is that it may not be effectively designed for your audience. This means that although you have a live website, it’s unlikely to cause a noticeable uptake in leads or sales. And in some cases, your website may be so poorly optimised that users cannot even find it.

Planning Web Design
This stage is often referred to as the UI/UX design process. It involves a thorough consultation with your web designer, who will develop a site structure of pages on your site. This stage involves the wireframe mock-ups of key template pages, followed by the formulation of live working prototypes.

Website Prototypes
A website prototype can be any kind of ‘demo’ that illustrates what a site will look like when it goes live. It generally refers to an interactive model of some kind that allows users to browse various web pages and test the functionality of a website.

Web Design: Why You Need a Prototype
A website prototype lets your business see what the final product will look like early in the project lifecycle. This allows you to gain an agreement on what is in and out of scope.
If applicable, a website prototype also provides an opportunity to obtain additional investment from stakeholders.

This stage is essential in testing concepts that relate to site structure. Not only this, but it also allows you to gather feedback through use-ability testing.

The Key Benefits
The two most significant benefits of a website prototype are savings in time and money.
Too many businesses rush a website launch and then wonder why their website is not performing like they had anticipated.

By working with a web design professional, a website prototype will allow you to construct a tangible plan for what is – and what isn’t – required in the final website build. This can save large amounts of money that would have otherwise been spent on future development.

More Leads & Sales
By working with a web design professional, you have a far better chance of creating an optimised website that is best designed for your audience.
A web designer will help you to build a website that is user-friendly and encourages your audience to engage more actively with your business. Whether your goal is additional exposure, lead-capture, or sales, working with a web designer will greatly assist you to meet your goals.

Leave Web Design to the Professionals
If you’re familiar with web design and have previously created websites, you might believe that you can skip the design process. Alternatively, you might be tempted to quickly design your own prototype.

Whilst this can seem like a quick fix, you should always work with a reputable UX professional when designing any website prototype. This will ensure that your website works best for you and that you save costs on future development.

In Summary
Planning web design is a crucial component for a successful website. If you’re still undecided on whether you need a web designer, ask yourself the following questions: Would you rather any old website that was live today? Or would you rather work with an expert and have a powerful website that meets the objectives of your business?

If you’re ready to create your next website, then you need a proven name in professional website design. Get in touch with Frank Lauda Digital and showcase to your audience an enticing website that perfectly embodies your brand.

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